Kelly is an author and lifestyle writer specializing in positive, good news topics. She loves writing about anything that could change someone's life for the better or at least make someone's day. Her culinary, architecture, travel, animals, entertainment and design / build articles and photos have appeared in dozens of magazines and major daily newspapers. Over the past 22 years, Kelly has interviewed and written about many of the world's most famous people for fine publications like Southern Living, Plate Magazine, Forbes Travel, OpenTable, Washington Post travel, Los Angeles Times travel, South Magazine, Restaurant Insider, Living Luxe Magazine, Bespoke Concierge Magazine, Florida Weekly, numerous major daily newspapers and in-flight magazines.   

     Her passion for helping animals has allowed Kelly to rescue, foster, adopt and help find forever homes for them, in particular senior animals who need a loving and safe place to live out their golden years. She has 13 animals including goats, horse, dogs and chickens. Not all are rescues but most are special needs in some way and require constant supervision along with specialized veterinary care.

     She also loves to help others discover the craft of writing and has taught writing workshops throughout the southeast, including her five senses classes as summer instructor at the University of North Carolina, Asheville for middle-grade writers. Kelly has also helped many aspiring writers launch their own careers and is frequently quoted as an expert in a variety of publications about writing, culinary and travel. 

     The Journal Project is a cause near and dear to Kelly's heart. Understanding that children in foster care often have few to no outlets to express their feelings and cope with their circumstances, Kelly collects blank journals for donation through local social services to deserving children in the system. Please contact Kelly for instructions on how to donate a blank journal for the 2020 holiday season.   

     Kelly is the author of books "The Everything Family Guide to Budget Travel" (Simon and Schuster) and FLIGHT, about the adventures of fictitious travel writer Kate Carrington along with numerous books she has helped write for freelance clients. She is a member of the North Carolina Writer’s Network, the North Carolina Writer’s Workshop, the Author’s Guild, International Thriller Writers Association and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

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